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  • Critical Inquiry Question:

    How do different compounds contribute to water pollution?

    Critical Challenge: 

    Taking the role of a water safety advocate, prepare a presentation to city council...

  • Project Innovation Classroom Catalyst

    "The All New WHMIS 2015:

    Integrating the New System into Your Safety Instruction."


    Considerations before...

  • (De)Construct My Technology

    Grade Level/Course Code: Grade 8

    Strand(s) and Unit(s): Addresses components of: Understanding Structures and Mechanisms: Systems in Action; Understanding Matter and Energy: Fluids

  • A Framework for Developing a Student-Led Lab Activity


     The nature of physics experiments (in the high school classroom) creates a perfect situation to allow students to generate their own testable questions. Many of...

  • How can studying an animal help people build a proper habitat for it? 

    Learning goal:  To understand that animals have distinct characteristics.  Animals have needs that must be met in order to survive.  Animals adapt to their environment.

    Resources in files to...

  • Technology Enabled Learning Classroom Catalyst


    Title: Arduino as a Cheap Variable Power Supply


    Tech Tool:


    What is this? This tool shows teachers how to use an arduino as a cheap safe 0-5V...


    Overarching Question:  How does our increasing understanding of genetics impact our personal decisions and choices?

  • The Climate Change unit in grade 10 science was the focus of our innovation project.  We decided to incorporate aspects of the Specialist High Skills Major program into our project in order to develop cross-curriculuar concepts.  Successful completion of our project allowed students to...