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  • Course:


    Prior Knowledge Recommended:

    The Scientific Method

    The general principals of Linnaean Taxonomy

    How to read and interpret phylogeny trees

    Basic evolutionary theory

    Strands Addressed:

    Biodiversity Unit:

    • B2....
  • Learning Goal:

    Is to design and create a DIY structure (frame, shell, solid or combo) that serves more than one purpose, incorporates a cantilever, and to investigate the relationship between the design and function of these structures and the forces that act on them....

  • Technology Focus: In this Classroom catalyst, you will be learning how to utilize Google Suite tools: Google Slides to create a digital science journal for...

  • This is the activity that I have been trying to upload for sharing with STAO members.  

  • Grade 2 Arcade Games and Inventions: Understanding Structures and Mechanisms


    We had a lot of fun learning about simple machines.  We created lots of amazing games and even came up with a few original inventions. We enjoyed sharing what we learned with others at our...

  • Elastic Powered Race Cars               

    Possible Technology focus: Sensor timer:  Maki Maki, light sensors, micro bit, scratch

    In this activity, students learn about engineering design...

  • Can understanding particle theory and heat transfer modes help you build efficient devices to improve our daily lives?

    Resources linked to the right. 

    Learning goal

    • Heat is a form of energy that can be transformed and transferred. These processes...
  • Can understanding basic concepts about electric circuits help us to design a game board that helps students review/test their knowledge of the key concepts learned in the electricity unit?

    Resources are linked to the right.