4.18 Miscellaneous Web-Based Tools

The digital tools listed below are just a few of the ones available online that don’t fit into the categories reviewed in this resource. While assessing web-based and online digital tools teachers should consider the following while reviewing products:

  • will student information be shared or stored online? Check terms of service and privacy policies.

  • will students be identifiable?

  • have parents/guardians provided permission to use this digital tool?

  • will students interact with others while using this tool? If so, how are they protected?

  • what digital citizenship skills need to be reviewed before using this tool?




  • attach links and media to points on images

  • share and embed on other sides


  • add voice notes and polling interaction to videos


  • game show polling with students


  • polling and online quizzing

QR Code Generator

  • create QR codes that can be printed and posted in classroom, providing a quick link to sites and digital resources

123D Circuits

  • online circuit building