3 Grade 2


League of Animal Superheroes

Understanding Life Systems
Students survey what lives in their area and decide, based on physical and structural characteristics, what would be champions of adaptability. They then create the team of animals which they believe has the best adaptations to be the ultimate super hero survival team.


Simple Machines Rule!

Understanding Structures and Mechanisms
The students and teacher will go on a ‘movement’ hunt in their neighbourhood, and around their class and school during which they will record all the different things that move. Discussion will revolve around what types of things move, how they move, and why people use them for movement. An investigation of the six simple machines can result from this shared experience. After gaining knowledge of the different simple machines, students will be asked to design and build a structure, such as a vehicle, using at least two simple machines that will then be used in a variety of experiments with inclined planes.


Splish, Splash, Kerplunk!

Understanding Matter and Energy
The students and teacher will go on a walk around the schoolyard/community to collect a variety of natural objects. A further collection of items from the classroom will augment this. The sorting activity and discussion that follow this shared experience will begin an inquiry into liquids and solids. After gaining knowledge of the characteristics and properties of liquids and solids, students will be asked to design and build a solid that floats in a liquid.


Time for a Change

Understanding Earth and Space Systems

The students will re-enact the water cycle and the changes of state both inside and outside the classroom.  They will view video, conduct hands-on experiments, and use direct observations from different locations inside and outside the classroom.