Over-arching Inquiry:  Can the understanding of biodiversity help us to analyze the impact of man's actions?

Learning Goal: Explain why biodiversity is important to maintaining viable ecosystems; analyse the effects of various human activities on the diversity of living things.

The specific task included is the ultimate assignment. It uses a Triage Team approach to address a local environmental disaster event. The task is designed to pull together a field study with all the overall expectations for the Diversity of Living things unit. I have outlined how I approached setting up this unit to allow students multiple opportunities to develop and hone their critical thinking skills.

I recommend you treat what is provided as a framework rather than a lesson plan. If lesson plans are what you are looking for they are there as well to inspire some creative thinking.

 In the task outlined a Critical Thinking model is used to introduce the principles of taxonomy and phylogeny, scientific classification, and analyse the effects of human activity on the diversity of living things. Opportunity for formative assessment of both process skills and content knowledge is provided.

Specifically the challenge given involves students working in groups to prepare an Environmental Triage Plan – first on the scene action plan. A sample task package is given that uses a field trip to a local ecosystem where students gain experience sampling and classifying organisms (macro-invertebrates).  This background is then used to complete their Triage Plan.

Alternatives are given if taking students out of doors is not possible.

Course Code:  SBI 3U – Grade 11 Biology, University Preparation

Strand(s) and Unit(s):

Biodiversity of Living things

B1. Analyse the effects of various human activities on the diversity of living things;

B2. Investigate, through field activities the principles of scientific classification, using appropriate sampling and classification techniques.


SVN 3M – Grade 11, University/College Preparation

Strand(s) and Unit(s):

Human Health and the Environment

C2. Investigate environmental factors that can affect human health, and analyse related data;

C1. Analyse initiatives, both governmental and non-governmental, that are intended to reduce the impact of environmental factors on human health;

Integrated  Concepts and Skills

Unit A – Scientific Investigation Skills and Career Exploration

 Resources for this task are found in files to the right.