• Students are asked to design and build a desalination device with a partner (encouraged) or alone

  • The desalination unit should produce the largest volume of freshwater using the least amount of money to construct it.

  • The project will take place in 5 steps over several weeks


  • Use the engineering process to design, plan and construct a homebuilt desalination unit

  • Practice observing, questioning, and re-designing to either collect more water or collect the same amount of water with cheaper materials

  • Reflect on the process and present key findings

Curriculum Connections

  • Gr. 10 Science:  Applied, Academic & Advanced Placement - project can be modified for each level                                                                               

  • Refer to Appendix D for specific expectations

  • Strands covered: Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Earth Sciences

Description of activity:

This project is designed to take place over the course of 6-10 weeks (which can be modified to suit your schedule). It is divided into 5 parts, each due at on separate days.


For a full detailed description of this project, refer to the teacher instructions (Appendix A). 

Here you will find:

-materials and set-up 

-grade level modification suggestions

-task and deadline guidlines 

-links to student resources

-weblinks to other resources