Review in class is commonly assigned at the end of the unit to allow students to revisit material covered in a unit. Many students can have a challenging time recalling all the topics that were covered in class.

Providing an opportunity for students to create a classroom resource that can be shared amongst students can be a helpful tool for students to use. Screencasting has allowed students and teachers to create individual videos to share on the web.

Screencastify is an excellent resource that only requires Google Chrome to Screencast your web browser, desktop screen or even use your webcam to create a dynamic resource to use in class.

What is this?

Screencastify is an online screen recorder. This application allows individuals to record their desktop, browser or webcam. It also allows users to narrate with their external microphone.

How do I use this?

Why use this?

  • Screencastify provides an opportunity for teachers and students to create video lessons for class.
  • Screencastify allows students to present to the class without the stress presenting live.
  • Screencastify gives classes the opportunity to build a knowledge base that all students can access during a course and to easily revisit content at a later date.
  • Sceencastify allows students to be more creative with their presentation skills

Specific Expectations:

B3.1 explain the relationship between the atomic number and the mass number of an element, and the difference between isotopes and radioisotopes of an element

B3.2 explain the relationship between isotopic abundance of an element's isotopes and the relative atomic mass of the element

B3.3 state the periodic law, and explain how patterns in the electron arrangement and forces in atoms result in periodic trends (e.g., in atomic radius, ionization energy, electron affinity, electronegativity) in the periodic table

B3.4 explain the differences between the formation of ionic bonds and the formation of covalent bonds

B3.5 compare and contrast the physical properties of ionic and molecular compounds


Next Steps/Extensions/Other Topics for this Tech Tool


Next Steps for this lesson can include:
  • Extension: Have students complete this activity for all units in the course to create an end of the year resource for exam review.

  • Extension: Have students create a flip lesson to teach the class.   


Other topics that can be taught using this tool include:
  • This activity can be easily adjusted to be used in all units of any science course.

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