During my time at the STAO conference this year I was hearing a lot of great ideas from great teachers.  There was one common theme that a lot of the teachers were struggling with...

"How can we spend so much class time on Science when there is so much to cover in the other subjects?"

My suggestion, and the idea behind this Classroom Catalyst is to DO BOTH! Use your incredibly engaging science experiments / projects to help you assess students in Math, Language, Geography, Art and so on. I know that we are all amazing teachers and creative minds, so I put together a basic guideline with some possibilities that can help you.

I used a chart from the Grade 7 Science and Technology Textbook and added 1 - 5 actual / practical ideas on how to accomplish each step in the creation process while assessing students in various subject areas.  This is by no means an exhaustive list, and you don't have to assess each step, but I have gathered some assignements / assessement ideas from fellow teachers and added them in the list.  

There is not a detailed breakdown of the assignments because each class and project will be different.  These are just basic suggestions and guides that will allow you to spend more time on Science while coming out with assessments for writing, reading, media, math and so on.




*I will try to add student work and more details in September.