Inquiry Focus:

Grade 3 students will plan and build a strong and stable structure that would be suitable for supporting playground equipment and creating play structures inspired by simple machines studied in Grade 2. Grade 2 students, will plan and use a simple machine (or a combination of simple machines) to create a play structure. Both grades will combine their models to create a larger playground in groups of 3 to 5.



Following the successful creation of their playground, students can create a video, slideshow, or podcasts to convince other schools and parks to use their playground design, outlining its Health benefits, or to describe the process from the design stage to the completion of the project.


The students will create a sketch of their design, write a procedural text to explain how they built their play structures or their simple machine for the playground and reflect on the Technological design process. If modifications were required, they will explain how they modified their design. Worksheets are available in French and English.