Like many teachers, I feel I have mastered differentiated instruction, but am still evolving when it comes to differentiated assessment.   Combine that with the challenge of motivating students to fully engage with formative assessment tasks; all while building the growth mind set required for success in competitive academic environments.  
•For several semesters I have been using summative assessments tasks that I have nicknamed - Show What you Know’s (SWUN’s).  Students have the opportunity to build a portfolio of work, (a series of assessment for and assessment as learning activities), that can then be used open book style to complete summative assessment tasks (assessment of learning).
•This year there was three areas of focus for the Show What you Knows (SWUN); scientific inquiry skill development, data analysis and evaluation of evidence.    
•During inquiry based lab activities, students documented their observations and evidence on a “Show What you Know - Evidence Log”.  All students used the same evidence log, designed as a graphic organizer, to include all the required elements of the analysis section of a traditional lab report. 
  • Following a laboratory period, students would complete the written analysis the next lab period.  Students completed the written portion independently, (referred to in-class as a ‘demand analysis’), and were permitted to use their evidence log during the writing period.  Students were evaluated using a rubric that was co-constructed as a class.  This procedure was followed for each inquiry activity throughout the semester.   Student performance was tracked and modifications were made to the evidence log template.