Using the Facebook page CDDHS Science (, students choose a topic of interest that relates science they are studying to innovative or practical applications, recently published research or potential future applications. They then prepare a multimedia presentation to present to the class of 3 to 5 minute duration. They may use an additional 10 minutes of an appropriate video. They share their presentation and notes, engage the audience with follow up questions - using formats such as Kahoot and provide 3 sample test questions and answers for the content of their presentation. The project outline is shared via Google Classroom ( )where students can choose a presentation date and unique topic. Students record information from each presentation and do informal evaluation including strengths, suggestions and a level grade ( ). A bibliography is a required component.

Students generate an evaluation checklist from a series of presentation rubrics and the Achievement Chart for Science using a shared Google Sheet. This year's version includes 27 criteria for evaluation ( ).

Once all presentations have been completed, one period is provided for students to do a written summary of their presentation. One cue card of information can be brought into the classroom for student reference. For students requiring accomodation, laptops with no internet access are provided for word processing. Oral presentations would also be an acceptable accomodation.

Today's presentation topics included Vantablack (SCH3U), Carbon transistors (SCH4U) and Do Helmets Prevent Concussions? (SNC2D).

Students rarely skip this assignment and are highly successful in presenting appropriate, interesting and directly relevant current developments in science and technology. I have used this format at grades 10 to 12 with very high student performance and rates of completion.

The Google Doc's links may require permission to access but I have downloaded and uploaded pdf versions of these files below. The CDDHS Facebook page has links to many different sources - I have included one very good Australian source separately. STAO has recently begun sharing similar material on their page and it is a very good resource for students looking for ideas for this presentation.

This semester I am scheduling one presentation every day for the remainder of the first term. I have done more intensive presentation dates to complete the presentations in a shorter time but am finding one presentation each day very manageable and more interesting for students.