Guided Inquiry: Factors Affecting the Enzyme Reaction Rates

Course: SBI 4U1     (The lab itself can be adapted for use with SBI 3C1)

               The Lab and reporting format can be adapted for use in all secondary grade levels.

Introduction: 0.5 Periods

Lab Activity: 1.0 Periods

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This catalyst integrates several strategies, primarily the Smarter Science framework, as well as the Graphing Choice Chart, from the Maine Data Literacy Project. Students view a demonstration, Then use the student-designed experiment planner to determine how they can measure the phenomenon, and determine how they can manipulate it in a controlled experiment to determine how one factor affects the phenomenon. The Graphing Choice Chart, from the Maine Data Literacy Project, can be used to support students while they are choosing how to best represent their data. The structure provided by the student experiment planner allows students to easily create a lab report for the activity as well.



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The activity involves a real world problem and provides opportunities for  critical thinking.  To complete this submission, please include the following: (1) student assessment and evaluation (a rubric is good), (2) studen-teacher reflection and feedback, and (3) exemplar of student work.