Learning Goal:

Is to design and create a DIY structure (frame, shell, solid or combo) that serves more than one purpose, incorporates a cantilever, and to investigate the relationship between the design and function of these structures and the forces that act on them. They will also demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between structural forms and the forces that act on and within them.

Inquiry/ Critical Thinking:

The focus of this assignment is to have students direct their own learning while investigating the factors that determine the ability of a structure to support a load (e.g., the weight of the structure itself; the magnitude of the external loads it will need to support; the strength of the materials used to build it). The students will need to evaluate the importance for individuals, society, the economy, and other environmental factors when designing and building a structure with devices to meet specific needs (e.g., function; efficiency; ease of use; user preferences; aesthetics;). They also needed to determine the materials they were to use that would enable the structure to support 100 grams. Using technology to enable the development of their ideas, students grasped a further understanding of the construction and building process of their structure. 

What the Students Learned:

Through this the students learned:

  • Learning happens through trial and error 
  • Blueprints with measurements are helpful prior to creating the structure
  • There are many ways to configure a structure that is able to support 100 grams
  • That design matters- form and function play a role when creating a successful structure
  • How to use a variety of tools to create a stable structure that incorporates a cantilever
  • ***How to use various tools (hand saw, hand drill, kidder cutter, mitre boxes, glue guns, hammer, screwdriver 

*** Refer to safety contract attached under resource section