Purpose: To outline how to create a good Classroom Catalyst.

Outline: Resources have been collected and placed as links to the side that will help guide your submission process.  Additionally, a video link posted herein (and to the side) is available.

Classroom Catalyst Checklist

Before submitting…

  • Organised lesson plan
    • Explanation, reference to resources used (posted separately), timeline, evidence of critical thinking and connection to real world problem/question
  • Specific and overall curricular expectations are listed (separately or within lesson plan)
  • Clear assessment and evaluation resources (ie. Rubrics, checklists, charts, etc.)
  • Evidence of learning during activity/project
  • Collection of student exemplars

Tips to follow while submitting…

  • Detail is great, being concise is even better.
  • A video submission is great. But, don’t let this dissuade you.
    • You can create a mind map, infographic, timeline or other visual component that helps summarize your activity.
  • Organise your materials into separate files (word doc, PDF, picture of exemplar, etc.).
    • One large file with all your resources can be overwhelming and difficult for another teacher to navigate.
  • Give your uploaded file a meaningful name that clearly describes the resource.
    • Ex: doc2submission vs. studentexamplar
  • Post any websites such as Youtube, TedTalks, etc. that your class interacted with.
  • Tags are words that search engines use to find what someone is looking for. In the “Tags” section of the submission page, list as many relevant “tags” as possible.
    • For example, an activity that measures the growth of trees over a period of time could have the following tags: grade 9, ecology, trees, measurement, graphing, carbon footprint, biology, environment, math, etc.

Remember: A "visual submission" such as a video, animation or engaging presentation brings life to your submission.  It is also a very powerful method of sharing that personalized your work.  Consider opennig tools listed in the file "Digital Tools for Creating Visuals".  A link to a youtube video that goes over how to create a Google Hangout On Air session is also avalable to the right.