The purpose of this project was to study the Organics unit with the big picture of plastics in mind.  I wanted to first start students with investigating what are plastics, what are the different types and to break the misconception that they would not be organic molecules.  I also wanted to look at plastics in the environment, benefits and harm to society.  The connection to everyday life would be minds-on the the rest of the unit.  I had students write in an idea book and all organic unit questions/homework were done in this book.

The second part of the assignment would connect the functional groups and organic reactions to the type of plastics.  Students were required to identify and animate the reaction using a movie making software such as imotion.

The third part of the assignment was to identify an alternative biodegradable plastic that could be made to replace more harmful ones currently used.  Students were required to find their own recipe, create a list of materials and bring them to class.  Then they were to make the plastic in class and compare properties to a synthetic plastic and evaluate its viability as a replacement.  A lab report was submitted afterward.

The duration of this 3 part project was from the beginning to end of the organics unit.