Grade 9 exploring technology 

pneumatics and hyraulics unit

***please note - lesson plan attached altered in sequence****

began with scooper challenge using 2 syringes and limitd number of popsicle sticks , plastic spoon, paper cup and tape. In teams students are to design and build a scooper to scoop a tea light into a cup. 

Begin lesson by asking if students have seen a bulldozer inoperation, or ever sat in a chair that can be raised or lowered, or opened a storm door? ASk what they think powers these devices?

Answer - fluid power

Move on to showing video on "everyday uses of fluid power" 

Explain that fluid power makes work easier - think of simple machines

Show powerpoint - pneumatics/hyrdaulics as students review handout

Students work in groups to complete a hydraulic/pneumatic lab with syringes to examine the forces involved and the strength of fluid power

Final project is the "firefighting Robotic Arm" - in groups students design and build an arm with a working claw that must extinguish a tea light candle - pick it up with a working claw -  (located behind a 6 inch wall) and dispose of it in a container. 

scrap wood and unlimited syringes and tubing and miscellaeous supplies provided to students.