Topic ( Inquiry Question and Focus) :  

How do we understand the force of a seismic wave called a Tsunami? What do engineers need to do to create strong and stable structures to withstand this force?  How can they use the natural environment such as plants and soil, to help design structures to stay in place? What are the effects of a Tsunami? How do the scientific concepts of force, soil erosion, and creating strong and stable structures affect how people are prepared for a natural disaster such as the Tsunami?

Overview and Brief description of inquiry-focused teaching/learning experience:

In this inquiry, students will understand and learn more about the devastating effects of a Tsunami. What causes tidal waves with such force? They will also learn how plants and soils help to stabilize the earth around structures to prevent erosion that such natural disasters cause.  They will learn about the basic concepts of forces that cause movement, growth and changes in plants, soils in the environment and how strong and stable rely on these elements of our natural world to uphold their properties. We will use the design process to test and see what design work best under different conditions and we will see the importance of this design thinking problem and how it can affect people’s everyday lives.