I have done this glider project with my students over a span of a few years and have found that my approach has changed from year to year. This year, students were encouraged to think divergently in the way in which they presented their final glider product and report. To my intrigue and delight, I received a report presented in an entirely different way, namely in the form of a Mindomo map. Through Project Innovation, I was exposed to Mindomo mapping and wanted to implement its usage into my Grade 11 Physics class. Earlier on in the semester, I had given students an energy sources Mindomo assignment to do. I did not expect students to consider using it for another project as it was a new approach for my students and I had not envisioned it being used as a tool to demonstrate one's understanding of the scientific method since students normally view scientific investigation in a linear way. I have shared the glider project file (includes rubric), my reflections on the learning activity, and some student projects (permission granted by my students, including their names).