Water Docs @ School Action Projects is an 8-month learning and action program for Ontario Grade 8 students, delivered through a partnership between Ecologos and Learning for a Sustainable Future (LSF) (1).

This was a social action project aimed at Grade 8 students. I had a grade 7/8 split so both grades were involved. Ecologos and LSF provided a teachers' guide that was very useful, and arranged a webinar with the Water Brothers which helped to peak student curiosity. The students were given opportunites during the school day to explore their local watershed. They were also encouraged to explore these issues further during off-school hours. The objective was to determine a water issue in their community about which they felt strongly, with the goal of taking action to initiate change and/or educate their community. After the students identified the issue, they brainstormed about what they would like to see happen, and how they would like it to be different. In order to determine what actions needed to be taken, they explored what they deemed to be the root causes of the water issue e.g. industrialization, lack of education etc., and the possible associated symptoms, e.g., compromised species reproduction and lack of clean water. They came up with an action plan to try and remedy the issue(s). After conducting research, they organized their action projects and documented them using iPads and iPhones. They created documentaries using iMovie and submitted them to the Ecologos Water Documentary Film Festival. About 60 schools all around Ontario participated. 

(1) http://ecologos.ca/ecologos-programs/water-docs-school/


Small clip used in a documentary on Storm Drains