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  • After the first couple of units in the grade 11 University Chemistry (SCH3U1), students have reviewed and gained a sufficient background to begin a field assignment. 

    Introduction and Collection of Prior Knowledge

    By allowing students the opportunity to...


    Grade 9 Applied Science (SNC 1P), Electricity Unit

    Overview:  Students watch the teacher demonstrate the OJ powered clock.  The teacher guides students to wonder what they could change to make the clock work.  They do some brainstorming and...

  • Acids and Bases in Chemistry

    Grade Level/Course Code: Grade 10 Applied Science (SNC2P1)

    Strand(s) and Unit(s): Chemistry: Chemical Reactions and Their Practical Applications

    Overview: Students...

  • Title: Grade 2 Green Screen Animal Reports

    Introduction: Students will be creating a green screen report on Animals. They will work...

  • Students used blogging as a way to guide their learning about ecosystems. As a class we brainstormed ecosystem issues while watching a documentary. Groups then used a series of blog prompts to design their own learning around specific concepts in relation to their chosen issue. 


  • How to Create a Classroom Catalyst

    Purpose: To outline how to create a good Classroom Catalyst.

    Outline: Resources have been collected and placed as links to the side that will help guide your submission process....

  • Course Code: SBI 3C


    A - Scientific Investigation skills and Career Exploration

    B - Cellular Biology

    C -...

  • Teacher and students will participate in an inquiry designed to consider how reflective surfaces of windows might pose as a potential danger for birds. Students will have the opportunity to make observations through field work (community walks), as well as conduct research to learn about birds,...