What Is Teaching Science Through Inquiry All About?

This Expert Element on Inquiry is designed to support teachers in making the shift to teaching science through inquiry. Use this information to help direct your own learning and to enhance student learning through inquiry.


Commonly Asked Questions About Inquiry-Based Teaching and Learning

The following questions are often asked by teachers about inquiry-based teaching and learning.  Click on the side menu files for questions about which you want further information.

  1. Why make the shift to teaching science through inquiry?
  2. What is inquiry-based learning?
  3. What are the benefits of inquiry-based learning in science?
  4. What are the categories of inquiry-based learning?
  5. Is using the scientific method the same as doing inquiry-based learning?
  6. How do I find time for inquiry-based Instruction?
  7. Can all science classes be taught through inquiry?
  8. How do teachers start the inquiry process?
  9. What questions can teachers ask students to promote the skills used in scientific inquiry based on the four broad areas identified in the Ontario Science curriculum?
  10. What is the teacher’s role in an inquiry-based classroom?
  11. What is the student’s role in an inquiry-based classroom?
  12. How are effective inquiry questions developed and applied?
  13. Why might students have difficulty with inquiry-based leaning?
  14. What strategies can be used to teach science through Inquiry?
  15. How do you assess inquiry-based learning?
  16. What are three inquiry-based approaches to conducting scientific investigations using balls and ramps?
  17. Where can further information on inquiry-based learning in science be found?




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