Plant Land

Understanding Life Systems

Students through observation using all their senses, discover different types of plants in all their forms and shapes. They will explore what each type of plant is used for by humans and other living things in the environment.

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Structures, Structures Everywhere!

Understanding Structures and Mechanisms
The students and teacher will go on a walk to look for and record the different types of structures they see in their community. Discussion will revolve around what a structure is, what makes it strong and stable, and what forces act on it.  An investigation of structures can result from this shared experience. After gaining knowledge of structures, students will be asked to design and build a structure, such as a longhouse or a pioneer house, which is strong, stable, and can withstand forces applied to it.


May the Forces be With You!

Understanding Matter and Energy
The students will design and build a vehicle that will be used in a variety of experiments in order to investigate forces. Discussion will revolve around what a force is, what different types of forces there are, and how they act on objects.  An investigation of forces in this manner will allow students to gain knowledge of forces in a real and meaningful way. After gaining knowledge of forces, students will be asked to design and build an original vehicle that can be used in experiments involving increasing loads while being acted on by different forces.


Soil vs. Dirt

Understanding Earth and Space Systems
Students will look at the foundation of plant life in all its’ different forms and how it enhances plant growth.  They will learn about the foundation of plants from the ground down.

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