Creating mind maps is discussed in the Ontario Ministry of Education Edugains resources as a strategy for differentiating instruction and as a method of summarizing and note-taking. The use of technology and digital tools enhances basic mind-mapping by allowing students from the same class, or across the world to collaborate on the same mind map and embed multimedia. It can also allow students to share their work with peers to spark discussion and encourage feedback.  



Safety Considerations



  • provincially licensed

  • feature-rich mind mapping

  • web-based and iPad app

  • ability for teachers to create “assignments” for class group or individual work

  • works on: laptops, chromebooks, iPads

  • mind maps can be shared or embedded on other (outside) sites

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  • web-based and iPad app

  • brainstorming tool

  • free or premium accounts

  • works on: laptops, chromebooks, iPads, tablets

  • teacher can set up so that students do not need accounts

  • ability to share Padlets on other web sites

  • can be open on the web where others could access if link shared

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