One of the biggest drivers for using technology in the classroom is the ability to connect, communicate and collaborate with people all over the world. The most rewarding way to engage students is to provide authentic learning activities where students have voice and choice to direct their learning while collaborating with others. Creating activities that encourage this can seem overwhelming. To help, organizations have created global collaborations that are facilitated (supported by experienced educators). These collaborations provide opportunities for students to collaborate with others around the world to work towards understanding of complex social or environmental issues.

The organizations below run programs and projects that you can sign your class up for. These projects vary each year. For any project, teachers should ask the following questions to ensure safety;

  • will students be interacting with others?

  • will personal information be shared?

  • do I have parent permission?

  • have I ensured all school and board policies been met regarding sharing student work, personal information and images, collaborating with other students, etc.?

A few organizations that run facilitated global collaborations: