Often the focus of technology enabled learning is that of redefining how students learn and demonstrate learning, with a focus on creativity, communication, critical thinking, collaboration, character and citizenship. However, there are times where concept attainment can be enhanced greatly through the use of technology. In science where concepts often involve things beyond what can be seen by the naked eye, multimedia and interactive simulations can greatly help students visualize and develop understanding. Other games and simulations can help students apply that understanding to a variety of situations.

While trying to list all media, interactive simulation and games supporting scientific concept attainment is not possible, there are a few places listed in the table below to start searching.



Safety Considerations



  • provincially licensed for grades 7-12 (as of August 2015)

  • web-based interactive activities with teacher materials

  • students create their own logins

Ask school or board contact for information


  • free or pay-per-resource

  • web-based collection of interactive activities and media

  • accounts need to be created - ensure school and board policies are followed

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