As some schools are moving towards 1:1 (one device for every student) through mobile devices or “bring your own device” programs, the ability to have interactive teacher-led lessons becomes a reality. Interactive lessons and presentations can be done with every student having a device, or with students working in small groups sharing one device.

These digital tools push the content shared by the teacher (or student facilitator) out to each device. The content can be slides, similar to Powerpoint, websites or other media. The tools also allow for students to write on the screen, annotate images, answer questions, write paragraphs, etc. and send them back to the teacher. Teachers can then share student work to all student devices while students explain their thinking with the entire class.

Mathematics teachers often have students share their work when solving problems as part of a bansho, congress or gallery walk. Science teachers can use these same strategies during lessons based on solving problems. Teachers can also use this student work as a way of guiding their lessons, formative assessment, diagnostics and exit tickets.



Safety Considerations



  • free for individual teachers

  • can import SMART Notebook files

  • web-based creation of interactive presentations

  • students can join on laptop or chromebook browser or mobile app (iPad, Android, Windows)

  • features;

    • import images, files, media

    • send websites to student devices

    • send drawing and dragging polls (creative polls) to student devices

    • send files to student devices

    • general polling

  • no student accounts required in the free versions, but consider using nicknames or partial names in student roster

ClassFlow Getting Started


  • web-based creation of interactive presentations

  • students can join using browser on any mobile device

  • can import Google Slide files from Google Drive

  • works with Google Drive (saves files there)

  • free versions features;

    • multiple choice polling

    • sending images and slides to student devices

  • paid version features;

    • students annotate slides and send back to teacher

    • students drag icons on slides and send back

  • student Google accounts required

Getting Started with Pear Deck


  • web-based creation of interactive presentations

  • students can join using browser on laptops and chromebooks or mobile app (iOS, Android, Windows)

  • can import powerpoint, images, documents, links and media

  • free version features:

    • limited space

    • polling

    • can send slides and images to students

  • paid version features;

    • send websites to students

    • students can annotate slides and send back

  • students submit name as joining presentation

Nearpod Guide