Students use many forms of social media in their everyday life. The desire to connect with others leads to the creation of new types of social media on a regular basis. Teachers need to consider the possible negative experiences students can have while using social media before integrating these powerful tools into classroom learning. Modelling appropriate use and integrating digital citizenship lessons into class helps students develop the skills required to be good citizens online.

While keeping in mind the development of skills required to become good citizens, social media can help to connect students and teachers around the world. Teachers can use social media to connect with their class, sending updates and reminders. Social media can also be used by students in class (through a class account) to share learning from the classroom and learn from others.

Some social media tools include:

  • Twitter

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Vine

In addition to specific school and board policies, the following guidelines have been released by teacher federations and the OCT;