Over the last three years, Science Teachers’ Association of Ontario (STAO) has developed the Ministry-funded project titled, Project Innovation. Improving the pedagogical knowledge and skills of science teachers is a priority for STAO. In 2014-2015, STAO writing teams developed resources to enhance student engagement in science. Ontario teachers with extensive experiences developed content and media to help teachers direct their own learning in areas of inquiry, critical thinking and technology-enhanced learning. Check out Expert Elements. Classroom teachers connected these strategies or tools to specific grade and/or curriculum, which are showcased in Classroom Catalysts.

In the 2016-2017 school year, STAO will progress with an evidence-based, 21st century blended professional learning project. The goal is to implement innovative teaching and learning practices in classrooms that deepen student understanding. The professional learning program includes three parts: face-to-face workshops, collaborative inquiry supported in online Learning Labs, and knowledge mobilization to share the learning with all Ontario teachers


STAOConnex supports teacher sharing of innovative practices in science education. The main STAO site exists for sharing information, content and resources  to all members. This new area is designed to enhance collaboration among teachers with a focus on innovation and inquiry.

A two-day introductory face-to-face session that will set the context and begin the learning cycle for approximately 130 participants happens in November 2016. Collaborative inquiry supported with online mentoring as teachers plan and implement innovative teaching and learning strategies in their classroom throughout the remaining school year. This online work will take place using STAOconnex.

There are different ways this site can be used:


    View Expert Elements and Classroom Catalysts that have been published on the site
  • WITH

    View and comment on published Expert Elements and Classroom Catalysts and submit their own Classroom Catalyst.

    Teachers in one of STAO’s learning projects will have access to the Learning Lab area.

All science teachers in Ontario are encouraged to create and submit their own Classroom Catalysts.